EverDrive-GB X7 Flashcart Guide

EverDrive-GB X7 Flashcart Guide

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Installing the Firmware/OS

1. Download the latest Operating System from here: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/everdrive-gb/x-series/OS/
2. Format your SD Card into FAT32 format.
3. Extract the "GBCSYS" folder to the root directory of your SD Card.
4. Always eject your SD Card using the "Safely Remove" function within Windows to avoid potential file corruption.

How to use Save States

Press on the center of the cartridge shell where it says "GAME".

Accessing the Options Menu

Press SELECT during the rom selection screen.

Maximum Game/ROM Limit

As of OS version 1.03, up to 985 games within a single folder can be displayed at any time. If your collection exceeds this number, it is recommended that you seperate your games into sub-folders.